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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a contestant?

We host Pageant competitions for girls ages 6 months to 25 years old depending on the Pageant's age divisions and theme. We also host co-ed and adult pageants once a year. We are open to all sizes and ethnicities. We train our contestants, so experience is not needed to participate.

Does it cost to be in the pageant?

Yes. The cost varies depending on the type of pageant. We charge a Registration fee that ranges from $100-$200 that covers 3 competitions (Opening routine, Creative theme or Fun Fashion wear and Formal wear), the Contestant's pageant tote bag, participation trophy(If they don't place), Pageant t-shirt and sweets box. We also charge a Pageant fee that ranges from $50-$100 that covers training from a Professional Pageant Coach and a Professional Choreographer. 

What type of Pageant system is this?

We are a Semi- Glitz Pageant system. A Semi-Glitz Pageant is similar to Glitz in some ways but not quite. The contestants may wear makeup but it needs to be age appropriate. They are also not allowed to wear flippers, false nails, artificial tans, etc. because it will result in point deductions, however, we do allow hair pieces and natural looking eye lashes.

Is my child required to wear weave and/or make up?

No contestant is required to wear weave and/or make up but we do ask that their hair and overall appearance are well put together and really neat.

Are tickets required at pageant?

Yes, all guests must purchase a $20 admission ticket to enter the show. Tickets are priced the same for all ages. Lap babies are free. Tickets can be purchased from the contestants and our staff in advance or at the door on the day of the Pageant.

What is the guest attire for the pageant?

There are no special requirements.

Do the contestants go on the stage alone?

​All contestants 4 years old or older will go on stage alone. Contestants ages 3 and under must have an escort. The escorts must wear all black while on stage assisting the contestant.

What do the contestants do and wear during the pageant? 

We have 3 main competitions:

Opening Routine - The contestants will come out, grouped with their age division, wearing jeans (Pants or shorts; depending on the season) and their Pageant T-shirt. They will be taught an 8 count routine that they will come out and perform.

Fun Fashion/Creative Theme wear - The contestants will come out wearing a VERY creative look of their choice that is based on the theme of the Pageant that they are competing in. They will come out to a fast paced song, modeling their look.

Formal Wear - The contestants are required to wear formal dresses and shoes (age appropriate) during this competition. They will come out walking slowly to a slow paced song, modeling their formal attire.

Ages 6 months:  4 years old : Short/Cup Cake Pageant dresses

Ages 5 years and up: Long, floor length Pageant dresses

*** For co-ed shows, the boys are required to wear formal suits/tuxedos.***

How are the contestants judged?

​The contestants are judged on overall stage presence, the opening routine, smile, personality, fashion wear and formal wear. Some of our pageants include onstage interview questions for ages 5 and up.

How many divisions are there?

The divisions depend on the type of Pageant. Usually there are 7 age divisions:

12mos - 2yrs  Tiny Princess

3 yrs - 4 yrs    Mini Princess

5 yrs - 7 yrs    Little Princess

8 yrs - 10 yrs  Jr. Princess

11 yrs - 12 yrs  Princess

13 yrs - 15 yrs  Jr. Queen

16 yrs - 18 yrs  Queen

What are the optional competitions?

All optional competitions are an additional $25 each if you decide to enter your child.

1.Most Photogenic 

2.Most Ticket Sales 

3.Best Formal Dress 

4.Best Pageant Theme Attire 

5.Prettiest Hair and Make Up

6.People’s Choice (Online) - $2 a vote (No entry fee)

7.Prettiest Smile 

We also have an optional "Diamond Talent Competition" that has a $50 entry fee. 

What are the awards that are presented?

The prizes vary depending on the pageant but usually consists of Cash prizes and Scholarships, Trophies, Custom sashes, Beautiful Crowns, Gift baskets, Gift certificates, Roses, Free Photo shoots, and much more!

Are we allowed to video and/or photograph during the pageant?

Yes, but if we are filming that day, we just ask that you do not use a flash.

Do I need to fill out any paperwork?

Yes, you must complete an online pageant registration form and pay in full before the deadline in order to participate. Please click on the "Upcoming Pageants" page to complete registration.